Add your club to the Tiny Whoop Club Network Map!!!

Hey guys! Jesse Perkins here!
Thanks for deciding to enter your club into the Tiny Whoop Club Network! This takes just a sec - after just a little information and some photo uploads we will happily toss your club on the map!!

But Jesse does my Club qualify???
  • Does your club have 3 or more members that get together somewhat regularly and fly Whoops?
    (holding races is not required)
  • Do you have an open door policy?
    (Would you or someone in your crew be willing to talk to someone new who wants to check it out?)
  • Do you have a moment to fill this form out and help me promote your club?

Congratulations! If you answered yes to all 3 questions then your club can apply to be in the Tiny Whoop Club Network. We'll go over your info and reach out to you as soon as we can!

Before you start-
This form can only be filled out once per club, so if you're about to fill it out, then please make sure that you are the club president or whatever you call your primary club organizer. If you are not the primary contact for your club then please forward this link to the person that is and ask them to take a minute to fill it out for your club! They will be able to give admin access to other team members after the club has been established.

OK guys here we go!
There are three sections -Club Info, Contacts and Photos!

-Jesse P


A little general information about you and your club.
Your Title President? Race Director? Club Organizer?

Your Name This is only for the name of the primary club organizer. Please don’t proceed if you’re not 100% sure you are the primary organizer and everyone in the club would agree you should be the club Administrator.

Your Email Your email address associated with your google/youtube account. This is necessary to create an administrator login for you to change club info, enter events, articles, etc. This email address will not be public.

Phone Number Please provide your phone number just in case someone at the Tiny Whoop club network has any questions about club. Your phone number will not be public information.

Country What country is your club in ?

Club Name This is how your club name will appear on your info page as well as on the map!

Tag Line A short one line description of your club. This will appear on the map under your club name when someone clicks on your club's map icon. e.g. 'Super friendly club just outside of town'

About Ok guys, take just a minute to describe your club in three or four sentences.

First, what’s the general vibe of the meet up (casual, fast-paced, friendly)? How many pilots usually show up? Definitely mention how often you host Tiny Whoop events.

Next maybe comment on anything that’s cool about your course - what gates or tunnels do you use, do you prefer open or tighter, more technical courses? Maybe mention whether you host a regular individual race. Do you guys play games?

Finally, mention if your club hosts any annual or one-off big events for Tiny Whoop pilots!

The idea is that this section helps new pilots decide if your club is something they should check out!


Please enter the address of your venue. If your venue doesn't have a regular address feel free to just pick a location in your area You can also optionally find the address on google maps and enter the 'lat & long' below.


What’s the best way for new pilots to get in touch if they have any questions about meeting up? Please provide some way for new pilots to reach out to you and maybe visit your club! Add as many ways to be reached as possible, but have at least one!
Facebook I think the best way for new pilots to get in contact with your club is probably thru Facebook. This could be thru a facebook group, a facebook page, or maybe a direct link to your facebook profile. If you don’t have a public or private Facebook group, consider making one! They’re easy and quick to make, and being a Facebook group admin is really fun, trust me! Please only link a group or page if it is specific to your club in particular.

Website Your club even has a website! Heck yeah.


Lastly Guys,

I’d love to add a personalized invitation to new people wanting to check out your club! You can leave the following text below, or you can write your own invitation! This text will appear immediately above the optional facebook, website and email contact links
Ok, don't close your browser just yet, let's save what we have so far!
In the next section I’d like to ask for a couple of photos to really show off your club!!